Think In Thoughts

Linda Boyles (Arts & Minds manager) sums up her thoughts after the Think In at the City Museum in January:

We had an amazing gathering of Leeds creative people at City Museum who very kindly hosted the event.  After 8 years of running the festival, we felt it was important to stop this year to take stock of Love Arts achievements and plan with people what the future might look like. Natalie Walton guided us through the day with lots of creative activities that generated a very buzzy atmosphere. There were lots of inspiring conversations and ideas flying around, so many that it’s impossible to capture all of it here. However some of the key messages that came through to us were:

– that people found a two week festival quite intense and would prefer events throughout the year.  This could be monthly, in 4 seasons, or linking in with ongoing festivals that happen throughout the year

– that people really enjoyed bringing people together at events like the Tetley performance day & Leeds Museum exhibitions/workshops. People felt these kind of events were an important element of Love Arts. 

– that people particularly valued the big open exhibition and that St Johns worked well as a hub where people could gather

– that the the festival may be better at a different time of year as October is very busy and students find it hard to get involved

– that people felt the workshops elements were important for people to have a go

– that it’s important to reach out to people and ensure we’re not just talking to the converted!

We also had lots of generous offers of help and support to help develop the vision for the festival, which we will be following up in the coming months. Thank-you all for your input. This is just the begining of the journey and we hope you stay with us on it!

February 2019