Love Arts Festival Launch

Celebrate the launch of Love Arts 2018 at the opening of the Highlights exhibition in St John’s Centre

A Means of Escape – Kevin Hickson

PAINTINGS, DIGITAL, LANDSCAPES Digital imagery and paintings exploring environments that can distract and sooth. From solitudinous landscapes and beautiful melancholic imagery, to quirkily entertaining biomorphic abstractions. Thurs 4 – Sat 13 Oct open seven days a week from 11am-7pm (Sun to 4pm) Roots and Fruits, 10-11 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG FREE Access: Level access into the cafe  

It’s Ok Not To Be Perky – The Perky Painter

PAINTING, TEXTURE, COLOUR It’s OK Not To Be Perky is a collection of paintings exploring the artist’s feelings of connection, and disconnection, to life around them. The artist expresses their anxieties about going out into the world through intersecting and overlapping forms, merging together, being both connected and divided by strong lines. Bold colours and a variety of textures describe these entangled forms …

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Paint, Pot, Print – Beth Smith & Neil Thompson

PAINTING, POTS, PRINT Beth Smith and Neil Thompson are Leeds based artists who met in pottery classes at Swarthmore. Beth’s work is informed by life drawing and influenced by social and political issues. Neil’s work also addresses contemporary issues and he brings his printmaker’s eye into his pottery. Mon 1 – Weds 31 Oct open 7 days a week, contact venue …

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Bek Boheme – Bek Boheme

PAINTING, SEASCAPE, PORTRAIT Bek is from Leeds, she is self taught and art has been her great love affair since childhood. Her primary interest lies in atmosphere, seascapes, and faces. “When it’s just me and the canvas and I’m alone with my brushes I sink into a deep conversation, I hope that by exhibiting my paintings I will be able to …

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Aire Place Exhibitions – Gemma Carlier & Chlo Elizabeth

PHOTOGRAPHY, GENDER, PAINTING THIS WOMAN’S WORK Gemma Carlier In This Woman’s Work Gemma Carlier examines themes of worship, power, gendered labour, and the boundaries between devotion and compulsion. The installation consists of a circle of standing obelisks, invoking memories of pagan places of power. The obelisks are woven from wool, challenging the expectation of masculine stonework and commenting on the nature of …

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