Love Arts @ Leeds City Museum

A FREE day of wonderful workshops, interactive installations, and excellent exhibitions! Love Arts will take you on a fantastic journey full of surprises. Let us welcome you to a world of wonder, where geo-domes transforms into galleries, and dance, drama, and stories popup where you least expect them. There’s a smorgasbord of creative happenings to suit all appetites, so you can talk, watch, …

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Pamelashop – Pamela Crowe

INSTALLATION, KINDNESS, POP-UP Pamelashop is an interactive installation that will be popping up at different events during the festival. Pamelashop: all kinds of things here, but it will cost you! Since people always want something for something, Pamelashop offers objects in return for kindness. Each shop item has a compassion retail price. What do these objects represent and can you …

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Love Arts Festival Launch

Celebrate the launch of Love Arts 2018 at the opening of the Highlights exhibition in St John’s Centre

Touchpoints – Nigel Wood

INSTALLATION, NATURE, SCULPTURE At the heart of Nigel’s work is an association between the life experiences of everyday people and those of his raw materials – driftwood, rusted metal, plastic, unwanted and neglected, often broken stuff. Conception, creation, growth, decline, death… the ups, the downs, the smiles, the scrapes… Beyond which he believes there is an unbreakable beauty, grace and glory in …

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Verges – Inkwell Artists

TEXTILES, INSTALLATION, CLOTH Leeds, once a small Saxon settlement and cloth trading town expanded to house the world’s largest woollen Mill: Armley Mills. Textiles were the basis of the economy of Leeds, with extensive waterways and locomotive transport systems making it the textile capital of the world. Inkwell Artists have created a contemporary installation that considers landscape, textile and data that visualises …

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