Love Arts @ The Tetley

An afternoon of live performances, interactive installations and creative workshops. Love Arts Festival have teamed up with DAZL to bring you an opportunity to see a selection of brilliant performances that all have something to say about mental well-being. There’ll also be curious and creative installations and workshops. Most performances will take place in the South Bank Room on the Ground …

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Love Arts @ Leeds City Museum

A FREE day of wonderful workshops, interactive installations, and excellent exhibitions! Love Arts will take you on a fantastic journey full of surprises. Let us welcome you to a world of wonder, where geo-domes transforms into galleries, and dance, drama, and stories popup where you least expect them. There’s a smorgasbord of creative happenings to suit all appetites, so you can talk, watch, …

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Love Arts Festival Launch

Celebrate the launch of Love Arts 2018 at the opening of the Highlights exhibition in St John’s Centre

Touchpoints – Nigel Wood

INSTALLATION, NATURE, SCULPTURE At the heart of Nigel’s work is an association between the life experiences of everyday people and those of his raw materials – driftwood, rusted metal, plastic, unwanted and neglected, often broken stuff. Conception, creation, growth, decline, death… the ups, the downs, the smiles, the scrapes… Beyond which he believes there is an unbreakable beauty, grace and glory in …

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Once and Now – Morticia

PHOTOGRAPHY, MONOCHROME, HISTORY Remnants of the past, and our connections to them, are Morticia’s chief inspirations. She uses a mix of analogue and digital photography and site specific materials to create her mostly monochrome images. For the last five years she has been exploring the history of St George’s Field and these images are the result of her research so far. Mon 1 Oct – …

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Girls Who Eat Their Feelings – Hayley Mills-Styles

TEXTILES, FOOD, SCULPTURE Girls Who Eat Their Feelings explores Hayley’s relationship with food and mental health. The exhibition will showcase a series of textile drawings and sculptures in response to her personal struggles with emotional overeating. As part of the exhibition there will be two free drop in textile workshops where participants can learn to make their own felt food. The …

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A Means of Escape – Kevin Hickson

PAINTINGS, DIGITAL, LANDSCAPES Digital imagery and paintings exploring environments that can distract and sooth. From solitudinous landscapes and beautiful melancholic imagery, to quirkily entertaining biomorphic abstractions. Thurs 4 – Sat 13 Oct open seven days a week from 11am-7pm (Sun to 4pm) Roots and Fruits, 10-11 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG FREE Access: Level access into the cafe  

Stitch and Stuff – Sandy Holden

TEXTILES, DRAWING, STITCHING ‘Stitch and stuff’ is a collection of 2D and 3D textile art. Sandy works with found and salvaged materials and fabrics in her work, creating new stories from old and faded things. She starts with paints and dyes and then works on top, by hand and machine, with different threads and yarns. Sandy’s childhood was full of making, stitching, drawing …

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