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Baa Baaa Black Sheep Movie Download Hindi




The story starts when Baba's father, Charudutt Sharma, asks him to close the shop and go to Sonepur. Baba has two more mouths to feed. He goes to visit his father in his shop. Charudutt is a very strict man and never lets Baba out of the shop. He does not allow him to go to school and does not allow him to talk to his mother. He does not even let Baba read the magazine that he has bought for him. He leaves Baba alone for a whole week, when Baba decides to run away. He goes to see his mother when Charudutt is not around. On his way to his mother, he goes to a nearby shrine and gets possessed by the local guide, Ramraj. He asks Baba to close his eyes, to make Ramraj his. Ramraj shows Baba, where the seven wonder of the world are. To Baba's surprise, they are not in the Himalayas but in Sonepur, and Baba sees all the evidence. Ramraj shows him all the miracles that could not be explained scientifically. Baba starts realizing that the miracles were not actually miracles, but the story that was told to the people was a lie. Baba also sees a girl in that story, whom he thinks is not part of the story. He then realises that the story was being read to him by the guide in exchange for 30 rupees. Baba tries to run away from Sonepur but he is caught. Charudutt scolds Baba for his foolishness and for running away. He tells Baba that he should go back to the shrine and begs Ramraj to take him back. The guide tells Charudutt that Baba is not a simpleton and that he should be thankful to Baba for all the wonders he has shown him. Baba and Ramraj then go to an old man at the village named Suresh, who is the leader of the village. Suresh welcomes Baba and invites him to stay. Baba learns to read and write from Suresh. Baba later on is invited to come along with Suresh to see the government leaders in the capital city. Charudutt is also invited along but he is uncomfortable and he does not want to go along. Charudutt agrees to go along only if he can tell the government leaders about the lie that he was told. He wants to show them



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Baa Baaa Black Sheep Movie Download Hindi

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