Meet the Artist: Jodie Beardmore

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

A conversation with curator Gill Crawshaw and artist Jodie Beardmore. Jodie is a visual artist who specialises in photography. Her work particularly references mental health. Watch the video to find out more or read some excerpts below. This conversation is the second part of the Love Arts: Meet the Artist event, recorded in October 2020.

My project Labyrinth of the Mind was focused on a recovery from depression. I went into this world where I was escaping into the imaginary. Your mind can be a difficult place to live in. Experiencing the nightmare and the dream – and the contrast between the two.

With mental health it’s never a journey in one direction. You don’t just get there and recover. You can go back and relapse. 

The big thing with this series is that I didn’t want to be generic. I’m quite a happy person so a lot of people don’t realise I have depression. I wanted the images not to be the typical ones of dark and doom and gloom. It’s not! I’ve got all these creative ideas and imagination and sometimes my mental health has inspired that.

A lot of my work is addressing things we don’t really want to discuss. Like mental health and mortality. My work helps me move past things I was feeling. 

Brooke Shadon is a big influence on me. A lot of her work is done in Photoshop. Also Francesca Woodman.

Creativity stops you suppressing everything inside. Then you can share it with others and get a bonus from accomplishing something. It makes it easier to talk about things.

See more of Jodie's work at her website, on Facebook and Instagram.

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