Love Arts Conversations 2021

We're taking the Love Arts Conversation monthly. What can go wrong?

After a brilliant one-off event at last year's digital mini-festival, we've decided to make the Love Arts Conversation a regular thing. We want to provide a space for people who are interested in creativity and mental health to gather together. Alright, it's on Zoom (yuck), but maybe one day it'll be face-to-face. Yes, I know, we're all bored of looking at screens. But I think we all feel a bit fragmented. The last year has been hard and a lot has changed. Anything we can do to make us all feel a little bit more connected can't be a bad thing.

So, the Love Arts Conversation will take place on Fridays, 11am - 12.30pm, the last week of every month. We want to throw some stuff your way - some speakers, some news, some interesting thoughts, some creative ideas. But mostly we want to provide an opportunity for you to talk. Talk about ideas, talk about ourselves, talk about the benefits of art, talk about the problems of art, build stuff, make stuff happen, meet other people, hatch new projects, feel connected, feel inspired, feel less lonely.

March Conversation

The first Love Arts Conversation will be Friday 26th March at 11am. It's a partnership between Love Arts and the excellent LAHWN (Leeds Arts Heath and Wellbeing Network). We'll be joined by artist Gemma Wood, who will inspire us with a bit of creativity. Here's a bit about Gemma:

Gemma Wood is an artist, she has a multi-disciplinary approach to her her work, her main focus is providing interactive installations for festivals and events, workshops and creative experiences. Her work encompasses health and well-being and offers participants new perspectives on old questions. Her recent work at Light Night Leeds was installed at the Tetley called ’The Happiness Sum’ asked participants to measure activities for the amount of happiness it brings.

Here's Gemma looking at a bit of red wire:

You can sign up to come to the event here - it's free. We'll also talk a bit about Love Arts and some ideas we've had.

Who is it for?

Anyone with an interest in arts, creativity and mental health. You might be a member of Arts & Minds, you might work for an organisation doing creative stuff, you might be an artist or a writer or performer who is interested in this sort of thing, you might work in the NHS, you might find that doing something creative helps your mental health, you might be a student, you might be having a hard time right now and just want to talk to other creative people, you might be a Joanna Lumley impersonator. You might be Joanna Lumley. Basically - it's for anyone who's interested.

What is Love Arts?

Love Arts started by running a creative mental well-being festival in Leeds every year. Now we want to do things all year round. We bring together people doing creative stuff around mental health. We also want to encourage the arts world in Leeds to be a bit more mentally healthy.

Other Dates

Basically the last Friday of every month. So - 30th April, 28th May etc. You get the idea. We'll post more Event Details soon.

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