International Day of Disabled People

The first week in December is the launch of Leeds International Day of Disabled People. It's a whole week of activities and events - check out the programme here.

Love Arts is marking the event with a gallery of pictures from our recent Love Arts Local project. The idea is to give people in specific areas of Leeds a chance to be creative to help their mental health. A lot of people are disabled by society because of mental ill-health. And often people don't feel able to talk about it. Love Arts encourages people to be creative and express something about their well-being.

Each of the Love Arts Local projects is different. But each aims to create a community of creative people, some of whom have mental ill-health, to support each other to stay well and keep making things. The projects are funded by Leeds Community Foundation.

In Crossgates and Garforth artist Sandy Holden has gathered over 50 textiles pieces from local residents and stitched them together. The hanging is now on display at The Springs. You can see a selection of the work in the Gallery below.

In Armley, Clancy Walker is gathering creative work on the subject of "Arms around Armley". The idea is for everyone in Armley to feel a "virtual creative hug". The work will be displayed outdoors in the new year. In the gallery, the photographs are by Tracy Welch and the colouring art is by Natasha Joseph from The Bunting Festival. And click below to hear a specially written song by Esmé Brennan!

In Middleton, Sharon Burke is encouraging people to decorate face masks - and there's a plan to make a massive face mask to display in the local supermarket. People are encouraged to reference mental health on their mask. Look out for more information on the project soon!

The Gallery

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