Morticia’s Musings

Leeds-based photographer Morticia attended the most recent Love Arts Think-In and kindly wrote this reflective blog.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been going to the Love Arts Festival but I can tell you I’ve been a contributor to it either as an contributing artist or a visitor for the last five years or so but it’s been going for lots longer than that. I love the Festival and the wealth of wonderful work it showcases, the opportunities it gives to aspiring artists as well as the opportunity to meet likeminded artists from around the region and try out a new way of working or hear some striking poetry for instance.

I was a bit worried when I learnt there wouldn’t be a Festival this year but was very relieved that its main highlight the big art show will still be taking place this year at the St John’s Centre from 11 th til 24 th June 2019 – see the latest Arts & Minds Newsletter for further details.

The Think-ins have been looking at how the Love Arts Festival works and what it is about. Along with other contributors and visitors we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the festival and coming up with the beginnings of answers to questions like what kind of things should the Festival be made up of, should we be widening the remit of the Festival from mental ill health to overall well-being, how best to let people know about Love Arts and what they do and what kind of Festival would we have if we had unlimited time and money.

We came up with some more questions and some beginnings of answers but the conversation about what to do isn’t over yet so watch this space for more developments and in the meantime please get in touch if you have any thoughts you’d like to add. I’m not sure what the Festival will be like next year but a part of me is already looking forward to it.

Thanks Morticia!