Love Arts Local: Creative Community Connector

Freelance Position. Salary: £1000 one-off fee

August – December 2020

Love Arts is looking for two Creative Community Connectors (CCCs) who will work with people in their local area to put on an exhibition or creative event that will get people talking about mental health. For this project (called “Love Arts Local”) we are looking for people who live in either Middleton or Armley. A lot of projects are city-centre based but Love Arts Local is about trying to create creative communities in different areas of Leeds. 

What is a Creative Community Connector?

A Creative Community Connector is someone who can motivate and empower other creative people in their local area, especially those who have had mental health issues. You don’t have to be a professional artist or a qualified community development worker. You just have to have the ability to encourage others and keep them involved. It might help if you’ve been involved with exhibitions or events before but it’s not essential. It’s important that you know your local area and that you aren’t shy in talking to people. And you must be in some way creative yourself, even if not as a professional. Some experience working with groups would be useful, either as a worker or a volunteer.

What will the Creative Community Connectors do?

CCCs will find artistic people in their area who have had mental health issues and get them together to form a supportive group. Then they’ll empower that group to mount their own exhibition or run their own event. Part of the project is to make something that includes a way for people who aren’t part of the group to contribute. Hopefully the group should take control of the nature of the project.

A few ideas about what groups could do:

  • Mount an exhibition of their own artwork in a café
  • Make a collaborative piece of artwork for display in a shop window or in a park
  • A performance event that brings together poets, musicians and other performers
  • An arts “trail” in a series of venues with different pieces of art in different locations
  • Decorate a disused phone box

Each group will have a budget to pay for materials or whatever is needed. The CCCs will work as a supportive team of 3 (working in different areas Leeds) and will also be supported by a project manager. Ideally some of the work created would be shared at the Love Arts Festival in October. This project is funded by Leeds Community Foundation.

What about Covid-19?

Obviously this task becomes harder when we think about the restrictions put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19. Getting a group to meet together in person might be really challenging. When we’ve appointed all the CCCs we’ll meet to discuss how we are going to support each other to do the project. We have already considered using online video meeting spaces, turning projects outdoor facing, using phone and post – and much more. We’d welcome you’re ideas on this and we’re flexible.

Aims of Love Arts Local

  • To unify and galvanise a group of creative people who’ve had mental health issues in particular areas of Leeds
  • To spread the message that arts can be positive for mental well-being across the city
  • To create or show artistic output in particular areas of Leeds

Each exhibition or event will be based in a different community location in each different area, and will be a way of starting a conversation with local residents about mental health. 


The projects should take place between August and November 2020. 


The areas we want to work in are “wards” as designated by Leeds City Council. They are Middleton Park and Armley. To see a map of the council wards click here

If you live very close to these areas, that’s fine.


In total your fee for the project is £1000. You have an additional budget of £300 for project costs

Payment for each CCC:  £900

(Equivalent to 6 days work at £150 per day)

Evaluation:       £100

(to cover time collating evaluation from participants on the success of the project)

Project Costs:               £300

(Materials or anything needed for the project)

How to apply

Send your name and address to us with a short statement (no more than 500 words) stating why you think you’d be a good Creative Community Connector and what ideas you have about how you might do the project. Attach any web links that give more details about you or something you’ve been involved with in the past. Deadline 5pm, Thursday 30th July 2020. The Love Arts Steering Group will select their preferred candidate and be in touch ASAP. If there are lots of suitable candidates, we will contact you to arrange a short interview via Zoom in the w/c 10th August.

Essential Things

  • You live in the area specified (Middleton Park or Armley) – or very close. 
  • You have a personal interest in creativity, art or music 
  • You are good with people and have good connections in your community

Desirable Things

  • You have put on exhibitions or events before
  • You have personal experience of mental health issues
  • You are an artist, musician, writer, dancer – or similar.

Email your details and statement to Tom Bailey at [email protected]. For more information or any questions, email Tom.