It’s Ok Not To Be Perky – The Perky Painter


It’s OK Not To Be Perky is a collection of paintings exploring the artist’s feelings of connection, and disconnection, to life around them. The artist expresses their anxieties about going out into the world through intersecting and overlapping forms, merging together, being both connected and divided by strong lines. Bold colours and a variety of textures describe these entangled forms as they collide and connect on the canvas. Where they overlap a new colour and texture is produced, highlighting these connections and their positive impact. Through the series, this connection grows as the forms become even more entwined and indistinguishable.

Mon 1 – Weds 31 Oct
Arch Cafe open Mon – Fri 8.30am-3pm, Sat 10am-4pm
Brew dog open seven days a week from 12.30pm til late

Arch Cafe, 15 Mark Lane, Leeds LS2 8JA and Brewdog, White Cloth Hall, Crown Street, Leeds LS2 7DA


Access: Arch Cafe has level access and an accessible toilet. Brew Dog has a flight of stairs and no accessible toilet.