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It’s Ok Not To Be Perky – The Perky Painter

PAINTING, TEXTURE, COLOUR It’s OK Not To Be Perky is a collection of paintings exploring the artist’s feelings of connection, and disconnection, to life around them. The artist expresses their anxieties about going out into the world through intersecting and overlapping forms, merging together, being both connected and divided by strong lines. Bold colours and a variety of textures describe these entangled forms …

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Dioramas – Annie G-G

CRAFT, PLAY, 3D Annie is what’s apparently called a late blooming artist. After a 25 year career as a nurse, ill health retirement gave her the opportunity to play, create and make things. Being connected to Crafts and Arts helps her deal with her physical and mental limitations. Her artwork is her form of creative, slightly warped play. Mon 1 – …

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Sidetracked – Conrad Cookson

PHOTOGRAPHY, SCULPTURE, BEAUTY A series of photographs that look for beauty in unexpected places. Conrad Cookson takes found objects and discarded items and turns them into something new. His photographs transform humdrum things into beautiful, sculptural formations. Some are spontaneous, some are planned. All are bold, interesting and defy explanation. This is Conrad’s first solo exhibition. You can also see one of Conrad’s …

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Variables and Manipulations – Amanda Burton

DRAWINGS, INK, CHAOS An exciting exhibition of contemporary drawings and artwork created using smoke, ink and fire in response to the theme of Chaos and Order. Amanda’s studies in mathematics and science offer a broad source of inspiration and these past skills remain relevant in her current art practice. ‘Variables and Manipulations’ explores how the principles of scientific experiments can be manipulated into …

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