Awkward Questions

At the latest Love Arts Think In a few of us decided we wanted to ask a few awkward questions. As “thinkers” we were happy not to get any definitive answers, but simply to tease out some thoughts. Here are some of the questions we attempted to answer…

Should Love Arts be about mental health – or health in general? What about “well being”?

  • How about we focus on symptoms? Anxiety, anger, loss of sleep, worry, feeling lost. Everyone can identify with those feelings.
  • Not sure about opening it up to all health issues.
  • All health links to wellness, surely?
  • Let’s make sure we’re using language that doesn’t exclude people.
  • Let’s include mindfulnes

How can we get better at social media?

  • We should be on Instagram
  • Let’s have a team of people using social media on Love Arts’ behalf – marketing students, volunteers, artists etc. We’d need to train them and offer support. A dedicated publicity team.

Should the Festival be for two weeks or throughout the year?

  • How about keeping the 2-week festival but have other one-off events through the year?
  • Use the “Love Arts” brand for a number of events, not just the festival.
  • Redesign the logo

Isn’t Love Arts just preaching to the converted? How do we make sure it doesn’t?

  • There are always new people coming in – so it’s not always the same people.
  • But perhaps that’s not enough
  • Attention grabbing, public events
  • But also being out in communities that Love Arts doesn’t reach – how about “Love Arts on Tour” around different communities around the city?

Is Love Arts as “accessible” as it should be? How could it be better?

  • It’s no more or less accessible than other arts festivals!
  • But shouldn’t it be better than others? It is better and more accessible for artists themselves.
  • Some good ideas are: mental health private views/ Online exhibitions/ Live events streamed on social media/ examples of performances on audio headsets in exhibitions.

Should we invite artists from outside Leeds or keep things local?

  • Important to give local artists support
  • But no barrier to other artist taking part!
  • If there is money (a big if!) it should go to local artists.

Should the festival be more curated? If so, who should curate it?

  • There’s a joy in not curating the festival – opening it out so everyone can contribute
  • What we really need is a dedicated person to head up this artist support. Someone who knows the venues and the artists.
  • However, there’s no harm inviting certain artists to take part too
  • We shouldn’t put up barriers!

We’ll be posting more awkward questions on Facebook and Twitter soon – to see what you think!

Tom Bailey