Aire Place Exhibitions – Gemma Carlier & Chlo Elizabeth


Gemma Carlier
In This Woman’s Work Gemma Carlier examines themes of worship, power, gendered labour, and the boundaries between devotion and compulsion. The installation consists of a circle of standing obelisks, invoking memories of pagan places of power. The obelisks are woven from wool, challenging the expectation of masculine stonework and commenting on the nature of what we consider to be worthy of reverence. The artist lives with bipolar and finds this is a driving force behind her work

Chlo Elizabeth
In Too Human, Not Too Human, Chlo Elizabeth paints from photographic images and is interested in how visual language changes from medium to medium. Primarily she works from found black and white photographs and aims to integrate the past and the present. The photographs, dating from the 1950s-70s, offer snapshots of life in agricultural Yorkshire and Elizabeth’s paintings highlight and exaggerate implicit power structures – between adult and child, man and woman – observed from the photographs.

Sat 6 – Fri 19 Oct

please see venue website for details of opening hours

Aire Place S studios, Unit 2c, Aire Place Mills, Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS3 1JL


Access: Due to studio premises being shared with a variety of industrial units, the access path to the studios may be difficult to navigate due to potholes. Car Parking is available next to studio entrances however please bear in mind that there is no dedicated disabled parking spaces. Neither building has a wheelchair accessible toilet – one is available at Seagulls paints located next door to the main studio building, however this is only available between 9am & 5pm Monday-Sunday. Both buildings are illuminated using strip lighting, include access ramps, and feature manual entryways that are suitable for wheelchair users.