Well Travelled

Well Travelled

Where are you going and where have you been? Which journeys made you feel better, and which journeys might have saved your life?

Photographer Mat Dale and writer Katie Hill want to explore the links between travelling and how we feel in order to make an art exhibition about well-being and travelling on the buses of Leeds. There are all sorts of links between the two, whether it’s using the buses to get to places for treatment or therapy, to meeting friends and travelling together, and finding a way to get out and about when all you want to do is stay indoors and hide from the world. By sharing some of these stories we hope to show that the bus network of Leeds isn’t just a practical way to get from A to B, but can be a lifeline to connecting with the world, with healing and with other people.

Mat and Katie will be looking for participants to travel with them in summer 2017, and the art exhibition will be on show during the Love Arts festival in October 2017 at The Old Red Bus Station and on selected First Bus routes around the city.

Well Travelled is an art project that’s part of the Love Arts Festival 2017, funded by Leeds City Council Leeds Inspired grant in partnership with First Bus Leeds.

To find out more about the project and get involved contact Mat and Katie at welltravelledleeds@gmail.com

First Group
Photograph by Richard Walker/ www.imagenorth.net




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